Claire Leunissen

Claire Leunissen

I lead conversations on diversity, inclusion, and the value of human differences.

Hello! This is my story.

Claire is the Founder of Xenolearn and has a Master of Science in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam. Claire draws on Anthropological theory and Liberating Structures to teach a series of simple and useful tools for parents and teachers to raise race-conscious children that value diversity and inclusion.

Xenolearn is a virtual learning hub for diversity. We teach diversity, inclusion, and the value of human differences by curating resources, organizing Book Clubs, recording a podcast (The Xenolearn Podcast), coaching families, and teaching classes. We are also a nonprofit company, which means that we reinvest our profits into the ABAR community.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My Education

University of Amsterdam

Master's Cultural and Social Anthropology (2019)

University of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa

B.Sc.Sco. of International Development, Globalization, and Anthropology (2018)

My Experience


Founder and Director