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Simply send in your content. We’ll do the rest. Seriously. 

Course Setup

Starting at $250/course

We set up everything from uploading your videos, lessons, and quizzes to accepting payments, and email notifications. 

  • You personal course administrator
  • Complete flexibility in course design, quizzes, layout, and media
  • Unlimited course quizzes and modules at your disposal
  • SEO optimized course and instructor pages
  • Beautiful course landing page (example)
  • Engaging instructor bio page (example)
  • Secure video hosting
  • Secure site and secure payments
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Certificate creation (NEW! co-branded optional)
  • Subscription management
  • Drip feed course content
  • Fully responsive design
  • NEW! Booking integration
  • TEA pre-approved course provider
  • Course creation and marketing consulting

Ongoing Course Servicing


Servicing your course includes sales support, customer support, group management, and more.

  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Unlimited sales and participants
  • Certificate and certification management
  • Online credit card payments
  • Advanced payment processing (POs, invoices, ACH, and check payments)
  • Refund management
  • Zoom meeting management
  • Ongoing course maintenance
  • Monthly user / progress reports
  • NEW! Course insight reports
  • NEW! Marketing reports
  • NEW! Affiliate marketing
  • Instructor course support
  • Participant course support
  • 100% technical support
  • Bulk sales
  • Bulk user upload
  • Bundle (bundle courses) sales
  • Group sales support
  • Marketing support
  • Email support
  • Phone support

And, our instructors benefit from a solid ecosystem. 

Our Beloved Platform

An intuitive platform for instructors and learners.


We announce each course through our newsletters and social media posts.


After the completion of each course, attendees receive an official Humble Teacher certificate.


Instructors and learners engage with each other and other members of our community. 

Notifications & Emails

Course attendees can expect to receive helpful and timely communications from each course instructor.


Simply send us your quiz questions and answers. We’ll set up the testing modules for each attendee.


After the completion of each course, attendees who complete all requirements will receive an official Humble Teacher certificate.


We market each course through email marketing, social media posts, social ads, and more.

Course Management

We manage everything from uploading your videos, lessons, and quizzes to payments, tech support, and email notifications. 


Instructors and learners are provided opportunities to engage with each other and other members of our community through social groups and activism. 

online courses

Human-centered Education

Our instructors explore pedagogy, policies, and practices critical to achieving racial, gender, and economic equity, as well as sustainable living in our communities.

online course LEADERS

Instructors With Conviction

Join nationally recognized and up-and-coming 

 teachers, educators, and instructors.

Camille Dundas

Passionate about corporate training on equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Laci McKinney

I design environments that are optimal for the growth of those learning and working in those spaces.

Andrea G. Tatum

DEI Trainer
Creating inclusive cultures that are open and welcoming for everyone.
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