Humble Teacher Believes In The Full Potential Of Each Learner

about our online courses

“More Than Just A Course”

Humble Teacher is more than an online course platform. 


Course attendees can expect to receive helpful and timely communications from each course instructor.


After the completion of each course, attendees who complete all requirements will receive an official Humble Teacher certificate.


Instructors and learners are provided opportunities to engage with each other and other members of our community through social groups and activism. 

about our approach

Why Humble Teacher

Humble Teacher is dedicated to the full potential of each learner – adult, teen, or child.

Our instructors provide quality learning materials coupled with well-thought-out and well-rounded lesson plans.


We believe your voice matters; after all, it is your education. Which is why each course is vetted and reviewed annually against the feedback of our community.

About our values and purpose

A Culture Focused On Growth

We act, teach, and learn with a humble posture.

a learning environment

Perfection Is Not The Goal

Humble Teacher is a learning organization – it is expected for everyone to make “mistakes” and appreciate how those mistakes offer opportunities for learning.

We encourage dialogue.

Learning is a journey, not a destination.

Instructors and learners should teach and learn from each other.

constructive education

Quality Over Quantity

Realistic work plans that include room for deep learning and reflection.

Thoughtful lesson plans.

We pride ourselves on the value of each course.

Well-rounded inclusion of cultures, ideologies, and perspectives.

Access to instructors to discuss feedback or concerns.

we empower

Community Matters

Humble Teacher staff, instructors, and learners each have an important share in each other’s success. Therefore, we have a responsibility to seek out and hear each others’ voices.

If you are impacted by a decision, function, or feature of Humble Teacher, we want to hear from you.

Our instructors want to hear from you.

There is no either/or, us/them, or good/bad.

Power is not any one's to wield or horde. Power is for empowering.

a constructive environment

This Is A Brave Space

Brave spaces encourage learning in a constructive environment.

We distinguish between being polite and raising hard issues.

We encourage tough conversations.

We hold each other accountable.

we’ll get there together

We Make Room For IBPoC Voices.

We must actively work against systems of oppression. And, we must do it together.

We welcome the discomfort that comes with learning and growth.

We make space for IBPoC (Indigenous, Black, and People of Color).

We ask IBPoC to take up space as they see fit.

our commitment

A Heart For Equity

Humble Teacher is driven by intentionality and a belief in equity.

We teach to reach the learner, not to reach conformity.

We learn to grow. We grow to act.

Each course offers a set percentage of registrations at no cost or discounted rates for IBPoC.

A percentage of profits from each course are donated to Indigenous communities.

About our online course LEADERS

Instructors With Conviction

Join nationally recognized and up-and-coming 

 teachers, educators, and instructors.

Britt Hawthorne

I offer educators, parents, and families anti-bias & anti-racism workshops.

Camille Dundas

Passionate about corporate training on equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Andrea G. Tatum

DEI Trainer
Creating inclusive cultures that are open and welcoming for everyone.

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