Cathryn McClellan

Cathryn McClellan

Cathryn McClellan Kelly is a community builder, equity champion, and space creator.

Hello! This is my story.

Cathryn McClellan Kelly is a community builder, equity champion and space creator. She is passionate about creating equitable opportunities for all communities, regardless of their background.

She is the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ Economic Education Specialist, bringing financial literacy and college and career readiness to all communities. She is also the host of the podcast “Am I Qualified to Do This?”, a podcast imposter syndrome, Co-Director of Power in Action, a new initiative in Dallas, TX formed with the goal to make change in Black communities by helping to remove systemic disparities.

If you find Cathryn in her spare time, you will find her with a book in hand, most likely on social or racial justice or on some bit of history through an intriguing lens. She is a firm believer that understanding the mistakes of the past is a great way to create a better future. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers


My Education

Southern Methodist University

M.A. Communication and Technology (2016 – 2018)

Hendrix College

B.A. Psychology and Philosophy (2011 – 2015)

My Experience

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Economic Education Specialist

Dallas Regional Chamber

Leadership Manager