Camille Dundas

Camille Dundas

I teach practical ways to confront racism, anchored by a historical understanding of the issues and deeply rooted in intersectionality.

Hello! This is my story.

Camille Dundas is the Editor-in-Chief of Canada’s largest Black online magazine, ByBlacks.com. She has led her team to win three national ethnic media press awards and a commendation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Camille has also been named among the top 100 Black Canadian Accomplished Women.

Her pursuit of truth as a journalist has led to years of research into the untold stories of Black Canadian history and the persistence of anti-Black racism in Canada. Over the last three years, Camille has become a thought leader in this area, helping global companies implement anti-racism education programs.

Pronouns: she/her/hers


My Education

Carleton University

Bachelor of Journalism (2007)

My Experience

Camille Dundas Consulting

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist


Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

Current Courses

Recognizing and Confronting Racism In The Workplace

Learners will come away with an eye-opening understanding of how the history of systemic racism is impacting how racialized employees experience the workplace. Learners will also come away with tangible and practical tips for how to identify when racism is happening at work and how to effectively call it out.

Included in this course:

This course consists of just under two hours of pre-recorded videos plus an anti-racism toolkit complete with tips for tough conversations, a glossary of terms, reflection activities, and an in-depth look at myths and truths about stereotypes, bias, and racism.

Best for HR leaders, team leaders, those in management, small- to medium-sized business owners, school district leaders, social workers, and aspiring allies.