Britt Hawthorne

Britt Hawthorne

I offer educators, parents, and families anti-bias & anti-racism workshops.

Hello! This is my story.

Britt Hawthorne (she/her), is a nationally recognized anti-bias/antiracist (ABAR) teacher-educator. She partners with action-oriented educators, creating classroom environments that are inclusive and equitable for all learners. Her work seeks to move justice from being an idea to the authentic culture.

Britt began her ABAR work as an elementary classroom educator. Looking for community and support, she truthfully shared her imperfect journey towards anti-racism.

Now, her work is recognized by PBS, Drew Barrymore, The Mom Project, Tiffany Jewell, Montessori Public, Rice University, Public Montessori Educators of Texas Conference, and countless more.

Pronouns: she/her/hers


My Education

Rockford University

Bachelor of Elementary Ed. (2013)

My Experience

Britt Hawthorne, LLC


Current Courses

Introduction to Anti-Bias Education

This introductory course by anti-bias/antiracist (ABAR) teacher-educator and Montessorian, Britt Hawthorne, is designed to help educators take the first steps to develop critical cultural consciousness within their teaching practice and equip them with a common language to assist with navigating discussions around diversity and justice in the classroom.